Hello!  My name is Kristen and I've just started really getting serious about photography.  I love doing landscapes, and taking pictures of nature!  Its hard to find anything more beautiful then what comes naturally from the earth!

All my photographs are in their raw format, which means the only editing that was done to any of these photos was re-sizing them for the website!  Not one bit of photoshop was used on any of these for two reasons.  1.) I don't think they need any, its nature, so its flaws are part of its beauty.  and 2.) I don't know how to use photoshop!

All my photos were done in the Naperville IL area because that is where I live and that is where I walk my dog!

If you would like to see more, or are interested in any other photos that I have taken and would like prints of them, please email me!  I am more then happy to give you a sample of them so you can pick and choose for the same price!

I hope you love these photos as much as I do, and all comments and questions are appreciated!